Herzsprung (2012)

by Hannes Smith

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You are more than confident, that you consider a certain time in your life as finished. But in sudden moments memories flashing back in your heart. They leave you back living with the feeling, you would give everything for just quickly jumping back to this moment.
"But this pleasant time is already gone for ages and there are no things in common anymore!", you tell yourself. Suddenly there is this blink of an eye - that blink of an eye where this special memory crosses the way of your heart like a flash and congeals it for a second. Thereto at such place you think you lost it.

With his last release "Heimwehg EP" in December 2010 Hannes Smith already proved, that melancholy and romanticism combined with electronic elements can work really well on the dancefloor. After waiting a long time he will be back with his new release in the end of January 2012.


released January 30, 2012

written and produced by Hannes Smith
strings by Rachael Boyd (Dublin)
cello by Veronique Jacques (Montreal)



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Hannes Smith Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Mimi (It's all) [Vocal Version]
The night is blue but turns to grey,
while I sit down here and try to pray.
We have been torchin' our luck,
and now we see that we got stucked.

There is no need that we talk,
ruined all streets we used to walk.


We keep runnin' our streets up and down,
cos inner pleasure's seeking made us drown.
Why you're hidin' behind your shields to be with me.
It's all Mimi
It's all Mimi
It's all Mimi
It's all Mimi